Добро пожаловать в Наш Логан клуб!

Добро пожаловать в Наш Логан клуб!

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Вы можете сделать его таким, как вы считаете лучше!

Здесь каждый зарегистрированный пользователь может учавствовать в равитие и преобразование Нашего Логан Клуба.

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Govt to offer equity to PSU staff at discount post

PSU employees will now get an option to subscribe up to 5 per cent of the issue size at a discount after the completion of disinvestment in the concerned Stateowned company.

Seeking to encourage employee participation in PSU disinvestment through offer for sale (OFS), the DoD had sought the approval of market regulator SEBI for allotting shares to employees at a discount of 5 per cent to the last cutoff price.

has concurred with the disinvestment department scheme of Employee [url=http://www.trazzos.com]real authentic nfl jerseys are made in[/url] OFS. We will be selling shares to interested employees at a 5 per [url=http://www.deanbowring.co.uk]uggs uk bailey button[/url] cent discount over the last cutoff price in that OFS, a senior Government official told PTI.

The employees of such companies in which OFS was undertaken after December would be given the option to buy shares, with 5 per cent of the issue size to be offered to them.

To start with, the Department of Disinvestment (DoD) will offer shares to employees in Nalco, Oil India, Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers and this would be followed up with SAIL, MMTC and all subsequent disinvestments.

employee will [url=http://www.trazzos.com]nfl authentic jerseys cheap with free shipping[/url] have to bid for a minimum of 10 shares up to a maximum value of up to Rs 2 lakh, the official said, adding that they should have a demat account.

According to the proposal approved by SEBI, all permanent and fulltime employees of such companies and working in India would be eligible for allotment of shares. The list of eligible companies would be provided to the DoD.

The share sale offer for employees would remain open for seven working days and the payment would have to be made at the time of applying for shares.

wanted to give employees an opportunity to participate in the Government stake sale programme. We expect demand from employees in those companies where share price have gone up substantially post disinvestment, the official added.

The Government has set a target to mop up Rs 40,000 crore through stake sale in PSUs in the current fiscal and has already lined up a host of companies, including Coal India, Neyveli Lignite, NHPC and Indian Oil.

(This article was published on June 19, 2013)

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NHPC stake sale: Govt to finalise merchant bankers on Tuesday CCEA nod for 5% stake divestment in Neyveli Lignite Corpn Cabinet may consider NLC stake sale proposal tomorrow Govt begins NFL stake sale process Govt starts NHPC stake sale process; to fetch Rs 2,400 cr IOC says no to government share buy back plan Govt defers decision on MMTC stake sale till July Bengal invites EOI for divestment in Haldia Petrochem Ministerial panel okays 10% stake sale in Coal India No plan to disinvest in BHEL as of now: Praful Patel LIC sees SAIL's stakesale through EGoM meet on SAIL disinvestment postponed for Wednesday

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He then gave a shockingly cynical answer when Judge Robert Cowen asked, "Do you think someone would pay that kind of money [for game tickets] if they knew in advance it wasn a fair game?"

Goldfein responded, "Given what I know about professional sports yes."

The NFL fined Belichick $500,000 and the Patriots another $250,000 after the team was caught violating league rules by videotaping signals from Jets coaches in a game that New England won 3814.

Goldfein agreed with Judge D. Michael Fisher that the infraction "egregious," but said that it had already been dealt with internally by the NFL with "very, very Draconian penalties."

A subsequent federal lawsuit by Jets fan Carl Mayer who argues that the Patriots cheating violated Jets fans "contractual expectations and rights" to see a fair game was tossed by a judge last year.

Mayer now is appealing that dismissal. A ruling from the threejudge appeals panel will come at a future date.

Belichick lawyer, Daniel Goldberg, said, "We have no duty to Jets fans" when asked if the coach and Patriots owed ticket holders a fair game.

But Goldberg just hemmed and hawed when Judge Jean Pratter asked, "Isn there some notion of honesty?"

Goldberg made the jawdropping claim that Belichick who knows the NFL rulebook inside and out misinterpreted the rule barring sideline videotaping by a team, saying, "What Belichick understood the rule to be is that you not to use [the tape] for that game."

Judge Cowen shot back, "Yeah, you used it for the next game."

When Goldberg argued that the videotaping was the same kind of gamesmanship employed by coaches who use binoculars and scouts to get information, and who cover their mouths with pads to avoid lipreaders, Judge Fisher retorted, "That the way your client does it that not all coaches."

Mayer noted to the judges that when they improperly taped the Jets, the Patriots "took the light off the [url=http://www.trazzos.com]authentic nfl jerseys with elastic sleeves[/url] top of the camera, they told the videographer to only report to one person, and to [url=http://charlestonvt.org]nfl jersey wholesale distributors[/url] keep the videotape surreptitious. That indicated an intent to defraud."

"They didn want to get caught," Mayer said.

He also suggested that the Patriots stellar records during the 2000s may have been based at least in part to their illegal videotaping of other teams routinely.

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